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When developing this platform, we wanted to bring a new convenience level in the work of IDO sites and become an example for others.

After analyzing the work of other IDO sites, we found the following problems:
  • Lack of reminders to participants about the start, approval in the whitelist, the start of the token redemption stage, etc. Because of this, participants sometimes forgot to enter the site on time and lost the chance to buy a token at a bargain price.
    For this, a chat bot was developed in Telegram, which will warn you in advance about an important action.
  • Slowly running site servers that do not cope well with a sharp increase in traffic, which leads to problems accessing the IDO site at the right time.
    This problem is solved by using CDN and DDOS protection through CloudFlare.com and hosting servers in Kubernetes on dynamically created virtual servers in DigitalOcean.com
  • Staking system without additional motivation to keep tokens locked. This causes the price to drain at an unfavorable market period.
    Titles have been introduced for holding tokens, which are reset if tokens are withdrawn from the site
  • Lack of convenient ambassador programs
    An ambassador program was created with the ability to send tasks, monitor their status, view the balance of points earned, reminders of new tasks, a competitive system, an affiliate program
  • Participants do not understand projects and buy everything in a row
    Project integration options have been developed to engage the audience for real use
You have to create an ambassador program from scratch, which often turns out to be inconvenient and does not motivate participants enough.
  • That’s why we are developing CRM system that allows the project to create a program for itself by inviting ambassadors from our database, selecting the necessary skills, grades and other parameters.
  • Airdrops are being done to increase the number of subscribers who do not bring any value and are mostly bots or customers who are not interested in the project.
    We are developing an airdrop creator with templates that allow you to complete a quest in a playful way, where the participant performs actions on the project website, after which he gets a chance to win Airdrop or any other prize. Also, the system will include pre-made integrations with our partner projects for collaborative airdrops that will promote several projects at once.
After analyzing the work of other IDO sites, we found the following problems:
  • Incomplete documentation 
for developers and difficulties 
in communication between projects.
    We develop code examples of best practices for developers on Polygon zkEVM network and we’ve created a community where project teams are united on one Discord server for collaborations and helping each other.