💵Redemption of tokens

The token swap system is presented in the form of a fixed liquidity pool.

This solution allows private investors to redeem a token at a profitable price, and the project can predictably collect the required amount of investment for a predictable number of tokens, as well as prevent a quick flush on exchanges during listing using systems of gradual funds' unlocking.

The system also assists in the wide distribution of token holders after redemption. Having a large number of token holders distributed geographically and demographically is a key advantage for a token project. Many centralized exchanges will view the number and location of token holders as key indicators of whether a project is worth listing.

To achieve these benefits, the users wishing to redeem tokens at a bargain price compete with each other using the following mechanics:

Stages of token swap:

  1. If you were included in the whitelist, then when the specified start time of sales comes, you need to enter the tokens required by the pool into the exchange contract via the site interface.

  2. When the distribution date comes, the tokens will automatically appear in the wallet.

Depending on the described distribution plan in the project - tokens can be received in parts (gradual) before the final distribution date

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