A system for dividing participants by levels is necessary for an even and fair distribution of tokens in pools.

Depending on the blocked CROD tokens and the blocking time, participants receive different tiers.

Gravity attracts good luck! The more Gravity you have, the more chance you have to win. You get gravity for staking and in the referral program.

  1. "Star" = 100 Gravity. 1 Lottery ticket

  2. "Red Giant" = 1 000 Gravity. 12 Lottery tickets

  3. "Supernova" = 5 000 Gravity. 100 Lottery tickets

  4. "Neutron Star" = 10 000 Gravity. 300 Lottery ticket

  5. "Pulsar" = 50 000 Gravity. Guaranteed allocation

  6. "Black hole" - Guaranteed participation. Issued to those who blocked tokens and did not withdraw for 12 months and, at the same time, have at least 50 000 Gravity (has the title of Admiral and the level "Pulsar")

The higher the level, the more you get an allocation, and the more it gives an increase in chances, up to guaranteed participation at higher levels.

Allocation is the amount of tokens that will be available for redemption.

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