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Looking at the development of Crypto.com, we began to understand the large scale of its spreading around the world. The company stood out not only with large-scale marketing but also with really useful functions:
  • A payment system that allows you to quickly install the ability to accept cryptocurrencies on your website.
  • The exchange, which is already in the 11th place by CoinMarketCap.com
  • Mobile application - wallet
  • Credit loans
  • VISA payment cards
The main disadvantage of the Crypto.com network was the inability to develop decentralized applications. To do this, Crypto.com has developed an additional Cronos network. It has implemented EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) support, which allows the use of smart contracts, as well as a bridge with the main network, which allows you to conveniently exchange tokens https://cronos.crypto.org /bridge
At the moment, the development of projects in the network is just beginning, so developers and users really lack the IDO platform, with the help of which the network will develop even faster.