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Stage 1: Ambassador program

Stage 2: Public Sale

Public sales will be divided between platforms that support pre-sales on the Сronos network
Amount of tokens for public sales = 3 000 000 CRODs or $ 540,000 are allocated at $ 0.18 per token.

For public sale in Crodo platform

Amount token: 500 000 CRODs
Preparations will begin 3 weeks prior to listing. The sales announcement will be released on our social networks and third-party media resources with a link to the application.
In the application, a potential participant will need:
  1. 1.
    Connect MetaMask wallet
  2. 2.
    Connect Telegram - bot
  3. 3.
    Subscribe to the channel in Telegram
  4. 4.
    Verify KYC
For performing this basic actions + 1 ticket.
Additional tickets will be credited for:
  1. 1.
    Join Telegram chat +1 ticket
  2. 2.
    Twitter subscription +1 ticket
  3. 3.
    Repost posts about public sale on Twitter +1 ticket
  4. 4.
    Discord Join - Channel +1 ticket
  5. 5.
    Subscribe to instagram - account +1 ticket
  6. 6.
    Like and mention of 3 friends in the comments to the post about public sale in instagram +1 ticket
  7. 7.
    Other tasks from partners
The number of a participant's tickets affects luck.
The completion of the participants' recruitment will take place after 1 week. Upon completion, all completed user actions will be checked and random 1200 winners will be determined.
If the tokens are not fully redeemed in one day, then the next rounds will start until all tokens are redeemed.

For public sale in other platform

Amount token: 2 500 000 CRODs
Details will be posted later

Stage 3: Staking Rewards

Rewards will be announced 1 week prior to listing.
Staking will give users the opportunity to block tokens on the site for profit in the form of the same CROD tokens.
Period for issuing awards is 6 months
Total number of tokens to be rewarded: 1,000,000 CROD
The reward is calculated proportionally between all participants.
Also, participants are given titles, which additionally motivates not to withdraw tokens. When withdrawing tokens, the title is reset
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